With the start of the year and after all our holiday travels, now is a great time to get that long overdue closet cleared out. One those tasks that you meant to do last year, but got distracted with everyday life. We envisioned ourselves finally getting rid of every last item that we know, deep down, we will actually never wear in the future.


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But there’s a new method of closet cleaning, developed by the Japanese professional organizer, Marie Kondo. Author of The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, (hyperlink: http://www.amazon.co.uk/The-Life-Changing-Magic-Tidying-effective/dp/0091955106) perceives cleaning is a lot like therapy. We think this might be one of the best solutions to tackle the closet clutter problem. Kondo suggests completely emptying your closet and reviewing each item on the basis of whether it brings you joy. If it doesn’t, then it is time to let it go. She believes that the things we hold onto are a reflection of our inner lives, and that the items themselves contribute to our happiness or lack thereof.

These are our 6 essential guidelines for closet cleaning from Marie Kondo:

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Literally take each item in your hands and ask yourself, “Does this spark joy?” Each item can either make us feel good (such as a flatter top or earrings that you received from a friend) or it can make you feel bad (a pair of trousers that might feel a bit tight or a gaudy purse you received from your ex) about our lives and you shouldn’t keep anything that falls into the bad.

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If you have clothes in your closet that still have tags on or have never worn, it is highly likely that it won’t change this year. There’s a small window of time after purchasing something to see if you’ll ever actually wear it, so give yourself no more than a month or two. If you still have not worn it, it’s time to say, “Goodbye.”

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Do you have that a tattered t-shirt with holes and stains or an outdated party dress that you know you would never leave the house in? These items should be thrown away. From keeping any of these items that could potentially hinder you from going outside and living your life should never happen – you should always be your best self!

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How many items of clothing did you receive this past holiday that you know you’d never actually wear but feel obligated to keep it out of respect? We do too but we should let go of this burden. And let’s be honest, no one ever goes rifling through your closet to make sure their gift is still there!

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One of the reasons why it might be difficult to let go of your items is that it reminds us of our past phase of our lives or that it reflect who we hope to be in the future. Kondo believes that experience takes away from the present moment and your present self. To fully appreciate who you are in the present, you need to let go of anything that consumes you in the past or future.

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As for the items you do hold on to or work regularly should always be treated respectfully. Instead of throwing yoru clothes around after a long day at work, garments should be neatly folded or hung up so that have room to breathe. Plus, this makes getting dressed a much easier process!

Now that you have cleaned out your wardrobe, create three piles: donate, trash and recycle. Search for local charity shops or have a swap party with your friends and get that piece that you’ve always coveted in your best friends wardrobe!


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Out with the old…in with the new…

Now that your closet is cleaned out, you can see what is really missing, make a shopping list of things that you want and/or need in your wardrobe. You won’t feel guilty buying these staples because we know they will spark some joy. To see what items we recommend to add in your closet click here

What do you think about Marie Kondo’s method? Check out Lavendaire’s experience tiding the KonMari way. Let us know what you think in the comments below!