Anything from work, to travel, to a non-stop schedule, can put the breaks on your exercise routine. With unlimited access to the Internet, streaming your workouts is a blessing! Below, we have the best virtual workouts the web has to offer.

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Credit Image: Ballet Beautiful

Ballet Beautiful: Mary Helen Bower’s ballet workout is a favourite among many as it helps you become lean and graceful. Using a streaming workout system that is interactive, Skype, you can see the instructors and the instructors can see you, so there is no cheating here!

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Credit Image: Yogaglo

 YogaGlo: If you are looking for something to do before or after work, meaning you have anywhere from 5-120 minutes, YogaGlo classes are your spiritual and meditative guide. Using some of the best yoga teachers, these yoga classes are sure to have you streaming multiple times a day.

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Credit Image: Booya Fitness

Booya Fitness: Being one of the biggest streaming programs and having a flexible membership makes Booya Fitness one of the best options for any budget. Not to mention that they have every fitness class you can imagine, such as Barre, Pilates, Hiit, Dance, Cardio Kickbox, Sports Conditioning, and many more.

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Credit Image: Pilatesology

Pilatesology: Encompassing over 800 videos, Pilatesology is your true to the source Pilates video website. Workouts having the ability to be tailored to your availability and skill level means that Pilates is always at your fingertips, so there are no excuses!

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Credit Image: Peloton

Peloton: Instead of biking to work, why not spin at home while getting access to live and on-demand classes? Being effective, but also heart pumping and fun, Peloton creates a world-class cycling studio that can be experienced on your own time while featuring the comfort of your own home.

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