Not just a beautiful patterned and embellished kaftan oh no! These cover ups are much more versatile than you might think…


The Drawstring Dress:

Folded tuck:

With both hands grab the side/front of the dress fold up and wrap then tie the sides behind your back.  This gives a pencil skirt with a tail look with a lovely slouchy top half.


Low Back: Simply loosen the knots on the back of the dress in a downward direction

High Back: do the opposite, tighten the knots at the back and slide the fabric upwards



To Sleeve or Not to Sleeve?

The straps on the sleeves can be adjusted and worn in many different ways including a V-neck, square neck and you can make capped sleeves by unfolding the fabric of the straps over the top part of your shoulders.  Then simply tie the excess straps behind you then bring  them back around your waist to the front and tie –this creates a really chic, capped sleeved dress that will cinch you in at the waist.


 Strapless Dress

To make a strapless dress, take your arms out and put the straps under your arms. Tie a knot at the back tight enough to keep the dress held up, but not so tight its uncomfortable.  You can make a waisted version of this by bringing the straps around to the front and knotting, cinching you in.



And finally you can wear your drawstring kaftan as a skirt – simply untie the straps, drop it to your waist and tie it at the back or front around your waist.


Round Neck Kaftan

Folded Tuck:

Much like the drawstring dress – grab both sides in the front/middle of the skirt panel.  Then bring around to the back and tie in a knot.  This gives a pencil skirt/slouchy top half effect with a little train.

Grecian Fitted

Tilt the kaftan so its falling off one shoulder, then put one arm through the neck; take the excess fabric from the front  to the back, tuck and pin it with a broach to make it secure.



Back Tie Strapless

To make a strapless dress put both arms through the neck hole, fold over the fabric at the top to make it a neat then tie the extra fabric from the front at the back under your arms.



You can also wear it as a skirt, much like the drawstring kaftan, by wearing the neck hole around your hips and tying the loose fabric as a knot behind your waist.

The Camilla Kaftans really are designed to be worn in so many different ways – so feel free to experiment with yours!