Through all of the ups and downs, we will always appreciate our mothers. As we celebrate the special lady in our lives on Sunday, let them know how important they are to you. When expressed from a genuine place in your heart, the words thank you and I love you can make a world of difference. To make your mum the center of attention this Mother’s Day, do it by showering her with gifts, flowers, and sweets!

Here are the beautiful things in London you should buy your much-loved mum:


Salt’s recommended gifts:

Ruifier Friendship Bracelets: One for her, and one for you!

“Coined after the word ‘Reify’, to create a tangible object from an abstract idea, the name RUIFIER represents Rachel Shaw’s jewellery design journey. “ With the smiley face representing the abstract idea of ‘friendship,’ they will keep you and your mum smiling! 


Mar Y Sol: The perfect bag for the beach or upcoming Easter holidays!

 Screen Shot 2016-03-05 at 12.04.17 pm


“Laurel and the Mar Y Sol team have built an accessories brand recognized for its unique designs, exquisite craftsmanship and creative use of sustainable materials. The sale of [their] products enables families to gain economic independence, preserves traditional craft and promotes environmental conservation.” 


Where to find the best flowers:

Colombia Road Flower Market (Sundays 8-2)

 columbia flowers

New Covent Garden Flower Market (M-F 3-11am, Saturday 4-11am)

new covent garden flower market

Broadway Market (Saturdays 9-5)

 broadway market


Where to find the best sweets:

Artisan du Chocolat

artisan du chocolate

William Curley

william curley

If you are looking for more gifts, we have a great gift guide to help you!